Saturday, August 21, 2010

Can I call you?

Few days ago, I realized that I was not in a good situation. This is based on the entries posted which most of them titled a bit depressing. However, it is such impressive that I posted 23 entries, this is the 24th for this month solely, yet to be ended. Today is just 21st August everyone! Ahaha. Well, blergh! What can I say, this is all the learning process that I must face with my chin up. Though it is not easy to undergo the current situation, but I have no choice other than to trust my self. There will be no one who can help me except for myself. I have to be strong. On the other hand, sometimes it tickles me out that at this age, I am still having this feeling of homesick. It is such a need that have to be fulfilled in order to regain energy and love. This is sooo not me. Those years before, I am a kind of kid that doesn't go back home regularly. I like to be so-called independent and have my own way of living. But now, it seems that I need to go back when there is time. Almost every weekend I am here in my arm of my family and it helps me a lot. No matter what happened to us, family will always be there for us to hang on. And I believe that.

p.s: please don't let me be the last to know!

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  1. It's okay to be depress Hanna, at least we reflect ourself and most importantly, we say it out loud in our compound and harmless to anyone. xD

    yeap. family is the best existence in ourself. I don't what I can do without my mom and dad.

    anyway, I miss you beb! :hugs:


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