Monday, August 23, 2010

Hello Aeq!

Hello dear you! This is the second time for me to have you around. I am very happy that I have the opportunity to be with you, again. I hope that we can be happy together and as close as possible. I will owe you big time from now on. One thing that I hope from you is that please behave and be good to me. InsyaAllah I will do the same to you. Let's make it even. I need you.

Life is unexpected. Sometimes when we want something so dear, but it turns out that it will not be ours. But there are certain times when we least expecting, the things that we never imagine will be ours. Somehow this kind of realization makes me happy with what I have at the moment. I have been accepting over the fact that I am not perfect. Though at times I kind of sad for not having you around. But I guess, Allah plans better than me. InsyaAllah, there will be another you for me soon. I will not desperately hope for it to come very soon. But, I will always pray for the best for my future, my life.

I hope that I can let bygones be bygones. Let's pray for each other. I want to see you happy and I will be happy for you my dear. I want you to have a wonderful life ahead. Please be happy. Please open up your heart. Please once again trust in relationship and love. I know you can do better than me. I know you always be. And, I know you know that I love you. Depends on you how to define it. Toodles.

p.s: I dreamt of you wearing braces last night. sooo comeellll!

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