Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Dear John

Finally, I have the opportunity to watch this film, Dear John (2010). This film is an adaptation version of Nicholas Spark's novel with the same title. Basically, I know about this film from two different person. Both of them are my best friends. They claimed that the story is good as they have read the novel and watched the film. Though both of them have different reviews as they perceived it differently, but, it never fails to make me interested to have mine. I chose to watch the film as I don't have the book to read. And now, I make excuses for not reading the book. Great!!! I am not good in reviewing but basically the film revolves around the life of John and Savannah. They fall in love within two weeks before John has to go to serve the country as an army. And, at the same time Savannah has to complete another year of her college. Through out the year, they are connected with each other by using letters. They share their life stories by exchanging letters. So, if you would like to know whether their relationship survives or not, you really have to watch the film by yourself.

By the way, I cried while watching Dear John. It touched me especially for the scenes that involved John's father. Some people are just don't know how to express their feelings. They don't even know how to express love even though they deeply madly love the particular person or things. When John reads the letter that he wrote to his father, I cried a lot as it reminds me of my very own father. How I wish I have the chances to let him know that I love him soooo much like what John did. I am longing for his touch for so long. And, of cos I keep on thinking about you while watching the film. So for dear you, here is a short note for you.

Dear you,

If you read this, I just want you to know you are important to me. I keep on thinking about you day and night. I am worry about you that you would never able to imagine. I care for you to bits and pieces. I am praying for your happiness, always, as you mean a lot to me. I would rather be troubled by you than doing nothing to lift up your burden. I would cry, I would laugh and I would do anything for you. All I need is to feel important and be beside you no matter in what condition. I was hoping to hear from you but you didn't. I am kinda frustrated but knowing you, I know this is normal. I am used to it and I will try to get use to it again and again. You, Allah has plans for you and for all of us. He knows better. As cliche it would be, we know that things happen for reasons. Just bear with it and soon He will grant his promises. I believe in you and I know you'll do great! Be safe dear.

Yours truly.

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