Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I wanna go home! I wanna go home! I wanna run away from all of these hustle and bustle of life. It is not that the place is too hectic, instead the place has a very tranquil scenery. I am surrounded with greenery views. There are paddy fields, palm oil trees, vineyard, dates palm plantations, cows, buffaloes, chickens and lots more to mention. But, the fact that I am lonely and the stress of my current job force me to go away from here. I need my family right here and right now. I miss every single thing that I could not have here in my place. I will not mention where I am at the moment as well as my position at work. I would just say I am in the teaching line. It would be inappropriate to mention all the details here. Maybe I will let it out later, maybe. At this moment, it just that I need some space to let my feelings be freed.

By the way, I love teaching. Don't get me wrong. It is an enjoyable experience as the process is like killing two birds with one stone. I am not only teach but at the same time I am learning. I learn a lot of lessons from my students, colleagues and the environment. It has broadened my views towards life that one would not able to get it in the mart or market. However, as life is full with colors, sometimes we are not able to run away from the dark colors. Lots of issues and problems that make the process turn to be bittersweet experiences. It is not easy to be the unknown where lots of our rights being denied. And, at the same time our energy is being used. This is not whining or maybe it is. But this is our right that I am talking about. Okay fine, close the case or else I might be sued.

Let's not talk about this. Let's talk about my excitement of going home tomorrow. InsyaAllah, tomorrow I will be driving back to Ipoh with my best friend. Please pray for our safety. I am excited and looking forward for the rise of tomorrow's sun shine all over the places. I wanna go back!!! You know what, I was not like this before. During my studying years, I was hardly going home even for long breaks. I rather stay or went to my aunt's house or even to work part time. At that time, I did not have all of these homesick symptoms. Not only that, I was not the type of child who call the parent regularly. That is just not me. However, as time goes by, with the number of age is increasing, the empty hole inside my heart, the cruel and pain of the world, thus people change. Yes, I am changing. Indeed, to the better one, insyaAllah. I am now closer to the family (Note: I am close to the family before). I go home every week or every alternate week, I call my parent regularly, I spend lots of time with them as possible as I could etc. Maybe because I am getting old and I have realized that family is the entity that we would turn to for whatever happens. Be it the bad thing or the happy moment, we will always have our family to rely on. Okay peeps, let's cherish the moment and appreciate people around us.

p.s: the time will come soon. very soon.


  1. woottt!!! br bc. u r comin home? ceit

  2. home at the moment. love! love!


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