Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Raya Eve Everyone!!!

I hope that it is still not too late to wish Salam Aidilfitri to all. May this raya will be the happiest and prosperous raya ever. Maaf zahir batin.

This raya is the most hectic and packed with the ziarah raya from house to house. If only I am still a child, I could have lots and lots of duit raya. In my dreams..hahah! However, I am happy with this raya except that I did not able to feel the environment of celebrating hari raya at kampung anymore. My grandparents are now live near with the children. So that it will be easier for them to send my gramp to his every alternate days of dialysis. I miss beraya at kampung though the new place for the grandparents is just a corner stone from kampung.haha. I believe there will be hikmah for this especially with lots of bad things happened in our society these days. Anything is possible!!

Oh! This is the very first raya for my brother and in law as husband and wife. I am happy for them. Wonder when will be my time.hahah. With two cars and bigger family, there are six of us again after 6 years of being only 5 members of the family. Let's hope for this happiness will last forever. Amin.

::My Love::

p.s: It is getting complicated. I am now confused. Please help me to find the ways!!

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