Friday, September 3, 2010

this is it

This is the end. They kissed my hands and even my cheeks. Though the time spent was not that long, but I'm glad to know and facilitate them. It's kinda sad when I finally can initiate their names with their faces but the time's up. There were times that they annoyed me so much that I couldn't stand anymore. But, there were the other sides of them that amazed me. Their kind hearted, naive, empty mindedness somehow made my days. When I was tired and sleepy, they energized me up. They put the smile on my face. They lightened up my days. And, most of all, I learn a lot of things from them. It's just that we, human, will learn to appreciate when the things or people we care are gone. Most of the time, when we have them around us, we will not regard them as we should do. Just after that, we will realized that we have feelings and care towards them. We will never learn the lessons. Pity. So, I guess, my life will be kinda empty after this as I don't have to anticipate with them anymore. Dear all of you, I will always pray the best for your future. No matter whether it is ukulele or guitar, I still love you.

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