Friday, December 31, 2010

The End.

Today is not the end of everything indeed it is a new beginning for the brighter future, insyaAllah. I have ended my year with good things. I have finally went back home after a month of not doing so. To be with family and to be at home is something that I am looking forward to. Though sometimes being at home, I will still doing my own stuffs but the thought of your family is there just making up everything. I started the day by getting my laundry done. It took hours to complete the laundry. hehe. Then after lunch, I decided to take my car to the nearest workshop so that they can have a look at it. After changing the tyre, this and that which cost me quite a lot, I dragged along my sister to look for car wash. I have not wash my car my for more than 2 weeks. It was full with dust, dirt etc. There was no traditional car wash can be found. Traditional here means the one that use human to wash the car not a machine and whatnot. Thus, I have been through my first experience of washing the car through the big machine by my own. huhuh. It was really nervous as I kept on thinking of the movie Final Destination. Alhamdulillah, everything was done and I headed Jusco straight after that. Bought a pair of shoes, a blouse and some food then went back home. 

Oh! We cannot have everything that we want right? We may pray for it, but He decides for us. He knows what's the best for us. Dear you, why did you let me know about it? Can you just keep your mouth shut and keep that as you and that person's secret. It is hurt, real bad. All the good things that has happened the whole day seem not giving me the best feeling anymore. I thought I am ready for it but now it makes me realize that I think I am not, yet. Dear Lord, please ease the pain. I don't think I can bear it anymore. It has been killing me inside out. Let me be stronger to face the reality. amin.

p.s: spent a lot of money today to ensure my safety in future. hopefully. =)
p.s.s: imy but i'm hurt.

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