Tuesday, December 14, 2010

reflections of life.

Scene 1

Suddenly a few kids came to me and opening my car's door while they offered to help.

A: Let me help you miss. anything I can do for you.
B: Can I come into your car?
C: Hye miss, We want to help you.

Me: What's wrong with you guys? Do you want anything from me? You guys are scary, you know? Bodek eh?

note: They did not help me before, not even offering to help. Maybe they feel guilty for yesterday. huhu

Scene 2:

In the class, before the presentations started.

A: Miss, may I go to the JAMBAN?
Me: Don't you have better words to say?
A: Eh miss, I am politely asking you what?
Me: ( SMILE)

note: I did not argue about the way you asked me. Yes, you did ask me politely. But instead of JAMBAN, can you please use TOILET or LADIES/GENTS whenever you feel like to do your business there.

Scene 3:

Still in the class.

A: Miss, we are sorry miss. We are not able to provide you with the notes. He did not his work.
Me: Who is he? Why didn't you tell me yesterday??
A: I just knew about this miss. I have given him the pen drive but he returned it back without doing his part.
C: Miss, can we be in the group of our own choice next time?
Me: We have discussed about this yesterday. I have given you to choose your own teammates for the next presentation.
C: I know miss, thank you.

Note: I am giving you the sneak peak of the outside world my dear. You will not able to sit in your comfort zone forever. By living with your own clique without noticing others' feeling won't do you any good.

Scene 4:

Still in the same class.

Me: By the way, what about this exercise? Why don't we discuss about it?
A: Aha, the exercise you will have to do it at home as homework.

Note: That is not the reason I have been asking you to discuss it with you classmates. I want all of you are able to get the information on what have you presented earlier. How on earth are they going to know the correct way of answering it which I can guarantee that they could not get full marks for the exercise.

Scene 5:

The class has finished and they were queuing to 'salam dan cium tangan'.

A: Miss, are you mad at us?
Me: Why should I? I am not mad at you. I AM SMILING.
A: Oh, okay miss.

Note: If I ever mad at you, I do not have the power to let it out. I will not shout and yell at you. I am going to smile, always.

Scene 6:

After the class has finished, before I get into my car.

A: Miss, can I know the marks for my group's presentation?
Me: You don't have to be worried. I am going to inform the marks and comments tomorrow.
A: But miss, I have not had the chance to talk during the presentation.
Me: Oh, I see. So, you are in the same group of B? And why did not you present just now? I was waiting for you to open your mouth. I was a bit confused.
A: Miss, they did not let me and C to talk. We have prepared the slides but suddenly they did not want to use our slides and instead they are using theirs. We were not able to present at all. (tears running down)
Miss: Okay, if that's the case, the first thing in the morning tomorrow, you have to show me you slides. And, later I will consider to give you marks. Go back and have fun, don't worry too much okay. ( I am trying my best to comfort A)
A: But, how about the marks miss? ( A was crying when asking this question )
Me: Do not worry k. I will do my best to give you marks. The thing is you have to transfer your work into my pen drive tomorrow. That's the deal. As for now, You go back, have some rest and have fun. Do not think too much.
A: Okay miss, thank you so much.

Note: Dear, this is the reason why I asked you to be outside your comfort zone. I want all of you to taste the bitterness of life. I am not cruel to make such action. It is up to you to get use to it. I am only here to assist you, remember that!


Though I am quite frustrated but I have to accept that this is life. I am trying to let them know and learn about life thus I have to be brave to face it too. I do not ask for the rainbow as the rain is just enough to make me be grateful and smile from ear to ear.

I am smiling while typing and posting this entry. ^_^


beautiful mind + beautiful soul = beautiful you

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