Monday, December 13, 2010

kids are going to be kids.

No matter what, kids will behave like one. With no valid reasons, they will still be one. I have nothing to say about them, it just something that I have to keep in my mind and heart that what ever happens, they will be like kids. I see them, I talk to them, I  befriend with them, I try to understand them and whatnot but at the end they will just like any other kids. I have to hold on so that I can always smile and be nice.

I am not complaining, do not worry. I am still sane to not make any outrage statements. I know where I am standing at, the place that you can turn back and say " I was a kid before =) "


  1. huhuhu..self reflection sebenarnye..huhu

  2. Sabar hanna, sabar... huhu
    i should spent time with you to refresh myself on how they act and what should i do in class. i have forgotten almost everything.

  3. napisah: huhu..masih tengah bersabar. masih mencuba dan insyaAllah akan terus mencube..cume a bit disappointed. huhu


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