Sunday, December 12, 2010

A good kick start

I am grateful that I can still can happily breathing the air. In the previous post: Late Night Coffee Everyone? , I have mentioned that I need to stay up in order to do some works? I did my work and I think it is awesome. Have you ever wondered why do we tend to do work at the very last minute? Maybe not for others, but I believe some of us are like that. It is tiring when you have to force yourselves to complete a work that supposedly done in longer time. You will have to compress everything in a short period. Yeah, it is true that no matter how last minute you are, no matter how short the time you have, you did marvelous. The work is awesome. BUT, again, have you ever wondered that if you took a little effort before, if you started the work earlier, it will become perfect! Not just awesome but it is a masterpiece!

True that some people work best under pressure, thus, I keep on holding to that mantra in which I, myself do not know the truth behind it. I have been telling myself that no matter how early I start, I will end up with the same result, so why bother to start early. It is better for me to relax and enjoy first, then I work my ass on it! Please do not follow my foot steps.

Tips for you, do your works earlier  and later you will have such good quality time to spend without having to worry about anything. Another tip, if you have been burning your midnight oil, have some time to rest for a while before you start your day. I had mine which is 40minutes of closing my eyes and relaxing. And, keep on thinking about good things or maybe good people. Have a look at their photos might help you. Read some good things as well, I read inspirational message from someone. It made my morning and wake up my soul and spirit. InsyaAllah you'll be smiling the whole day. Have fun and have a good day everyone!

p.s: It is still raining heavily here, hopefully it will not kill my motivation.

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