Thursday, December 23, 2010

Truth hurts

There are some people who have tried their best but at the end of the day, they still not able to get what they want or been dreaming of.

There are some people who work their asses so hard but could not achieved their desired dreams.

There are some people who work effortless but they managed to fly high!

It is just about time. If you have tried your best but you are not satisfied with the result, accept it with an open arm and heart. Belum ada rezeki lagi tu. But if you get things easily, be grateful and do not degrade others. Its maybe your time but nobody knows up until when the time be yours.

Or, you are gifted, maybe.

Try harder next time. Prove others  that they are wrong and you can do it.

All the best wishes everyone =)


  1. sugar2: kan?? jangan putus asa untuk terus mencuba. biarkan apa orang nak kata =)

    HS: thanks...all the best to you too =)


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