Friday, December 24, 2010

Live life as in dramas

Can we live our life like those in dramas, movies or even series? Are they displaying the true sights of living? When most of the endings would be the happily-ever-after instead of the cruel-sad-yet-true scenarios. They make us think that life is so beautiful, partners would be so romantic, lovers would be so in love, friends would be so great, money would not be a problem, hope can be achieved easily etc. Where in real life, we have to work hard, move our heavy asses, think extra vaganza and count in people around us i.e: their feelings, expectations, hopes etc. 

Indeed, this is life. When we have both reality and fantasy, when we have good and bad sides, when we have happiness and sadness, it makes our life. Nothing could be compared or bought to replace the experiences we have to go through along the process of living our life. We are not able to run away when it is all written for us. Some of us may lead their live easily like those in the make-up stories, but for some others, to be able to breath and survive is enough to be grateful. 

Our fate is differ from one another. Why would we blame others when the thing is we are challenged in order to test our faith. It is either we are getting closer to Him or we are getting far and far from Him.

Live our life to the fullest no matter if live is not like in those in dramas, movies or series. Take it as your supplement to revive your life. To wake you up. To cheer you up. To make you happy or even to realize you to be a grateful servant. Appreciate your life and people around you. Hold them tight as possible as you can so that you would not regret once they decide to leave you on your own. 

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