Saturday, December 25, 2010

Red Carpet Anugerah Skrin 2010

Congratulations and celebrations to those who won the award last night. I just managed to watch the anugerah for the last 1hour and 30 minutes. Thanks to Celcom broadband for making it easy for me to watch the streaming from home. Oh! I enjoyed the final performance by Superhero Faizal Tahir. You are indeed my superhero!!! =)

By the way, I am not going to comment on the award winning etc. I just want to share what I feel and my thoughts on the celebrities' fashion. I am not a fashionista nor someone who knows about fashion. It is just my two cents and I am sorry if my points are going to hurt you in anyways.

At the moment I watched them in their best attire, I wonder if that is the best they could have or the most beautiful dress they could afford to have. Not to mention that some of dresses are just like unfinished or 'tak cukup kain'. Is by showing off our bare skin is the price we have to pay in getting famous, beauty or making friends? Ops, sorry! I am far from perfect as I do make mistakes from time to time. It just that I am worried that I am becoming one of those people. Okay, now let's enjoy their outfits kay!

Let's have a look at another concepts or views to be fashionable yet they managed to cover their bare skin.

p.s: But I am not advising others to wear tudung ala2 tutup rambut je.. =)

p.s.s: agak2 nya kalau pakai tutup2 tu outdated kot. takpun tak jiwa remaja. takpun helloooo this is 2010 kot, nak masuk 2011 da pon. kolot okay kolot! or maybe, mak2 orang, makcik2 or nenek2 je yang pakai tutup2 ni.. xrock and xglam siot!!!

p.s.s: we're at the end of the world, sigh. take this as reminder not as kutukan or caci maki. this is only MY TWO CENTS. don't bother!

oh! pictures are taken form here.


  1. u shud c tis one:

    baru meletops

  2. WOW! the 1st word that came out from my beautiful mouth..

    dasat! terbaekkk!


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