Saturday, December 25, 2010

I am Gay and I am Okay.

The tagline somehow it reminds me of the theory that I have learnt back in uni - The transactional Analysis (TA), 1950's. The theory is about how we improve our communication and how we relate with each other. The theory believes  that we can change and we have right to be accepted the way we are. Indeed, this is so true. But, by having Quran and Hadith as our prime guidelines, we need to always refer to it. Especially when we are in lost and need guidance. It is the one.

Back to the theory, Dr. Eric Berne has develop a concept of Child Ego State, Adult Ego State and Parent Ego State. All of these states are interchangeable where we are tend to changing roles overtime. Sometimes we are the child, at other time we tend to be the adult as well as the parent. It shows how we change our thinking and personality based on situation I guess. And, in TA, there is a chart with four quadrants named The OK Corral. It is developed by Franklin Ernst, 1971. The four life positions are:

1. I'm Okay, You're Okay.
2. I'm Okay, You're Not Okay.
3. I'm Not Okay, You're Okay.
4. I'm Not Okay, You're Not Okay.

The QUESTION IS, in what ego state and life position he is right now???

Azwan Ismail, 32 yo, Engineer.

Okay, I am aware that each of us has the right to be accepted but dude, please come back to the religion. I believe none of the religions are happy with this. No, I'm not being skeptical about you or the rest of you. I will always pray that someday all of you will get the 'sinar hidayah' and 'petunjuk' from Him to change to be better men. Hopefully there will be such 'wonderful' and 'beautiful' ladies to accompany and stay with you for the rest of your life. Ameen.

p.s: Hulurkan tangan, ringankan beban.

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  1. hmmm.tgk hari tu sentap..dia nk ckp sal agama jgk dlm youtube nih..byk2 doa la agar mamt ni kembali ke pangkal jalan.takpyhlah nk bangga2 sgt ngn gay dia..silap2 lambat taubat neraka jawabnya


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