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Barbican Beer

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Anyone up for a drink? Beer maybe? Oh! I mean Barbican Beer..

Okay, first of all, I don't drink and drive. Wait! wait! I DO NOT drink at all, obviously. It is forbidden in the religion. So, what's up with the Barbican Beer???

Well, according to Mr.Google, Barbican Beer is non-alcoholic drink. Which means, there is no alcohol in it and when there's no alcohol, you can drink it as much as you want. It is made from Malt. Okay, now maybe some of you wondering what is malt? Malt is grain, usually barley that has been allowed to sprout, used chiefly in brewing and distilling. (taken from

However, there are arguments that Barbican Beer contains alcohol. It is somewhere along the process, the concentrate used contains alcohol. So according  to Islam, when there's alcohol, we are not allowed to drink. But, there is also opinion stated that alcohol below 0.5% can be accepted and not categorized as haram. The alcoholic strength of beer on the other hand is usually 4% to 6% alcohol by volume (ABV), but is may ne less than 1% or more than 20%, and at least as high as 55%. (taken from

Barbican Beer can be spotted everywhere in Malaysia as it is non-alcoholic drink and anyone can buy and drink. So now, what say you?? Okay, before you made up your mind please read this "Arguments on the Halal Haram of Soft Drinks and Alcoholic Drink ( Barbican Beer) by The Mujlisul Ulama of South Africa" and " Bukan Semua Alkohol Haram (Utusan Online)"

As for me, I don't prefer to drink. Thank you.

Maybe we can ask Ustaz Love to answer regarding this matter. =)

picture taken from here


  1. Thank You hanna for the info, I never knw that we have this kind of beer.aish. byk betul helah org2 di luar sane, utk mengelirukan umat islam.aish.

  2. betul tu yaya..macam dah yang macam ni. kadang-kadang boleh jadi keliru yang mana satu. jadi kene berhati2 dan selamat beramal..hehe

  3. Salam..

    Barbican adalah minuman malt.. ianya bukan beer yg difahami sbg arak.. root beer A&W sendiri bukanlah arak walaupun menggunakan perkataan beer.. begitu juga ginger beer..

    mungkin cara pembungkusannya (pembotolan) dalam botol spt itu boleh mengundang fitnah.. tapi, bila dah lama2 nnt ok la tu.. sama juga semasa mula2 root beer nak bertapak di Malaysia.. lama2, org tak kisah dah dgn nama..

  4. Salam. yeay! ustaz love answered me=))

    thank you for the opinion....


  5. At first I was apprehensive about non-alcoholic drinks such as Barbican. But now, I always have it in my cabinet, esp the lemon-flavour. The reason; here in the GCC, Barbican is very popular because it is a common drink. I was introduced to Barbican because of my medical condition; i have gout/high uric acid and my Jordanian and Emirati friends advised me to drink Barbican. Alhamdulillah, I have not had any gout attack for the past 1 year whereas I used to have it every month. WallahuAllam, but if you doubt it, just stay away from it.

  6. amir: thank you for sharing your own experience. Glad to know you're in good health condition. I wrote this post because I want to more about it. Thank you for at least I gain something new. =)

    May Allah bless!

  7. well um...
    just one question for ya' all to think about... why must muslims choose to drink a beverage in a shape that is obviously represent a BEER/WINE/HARAM??? in my opinion, that is absolutely wrong in the eye of every muslim... is it because of "the feeling of proud for drinking it?"

  8. A non-alcoholic beverage is a beverage that contains less than 0.5% alcohol by volume.[1] Non-alcoholic versions of some alcoholic beverages, such as non-alcoholic beer ("near beer") and cocktails ("mocktails"), are widely available where alcoholic beverages are sold.

    Sodas, juices, and sparkling cider contain no alcohol, but non-alcoholic beer and non-alcoholic wine undergo an alcohol-removal process that may leave a small amount of alcohol. Because of this, some states have legal restrictions on non-alcoholic beer and wine.


    barbican ada brapa %??

  9. Dalam rancangan tanyalah Ustaz (TV9), Ustaz Mohd. Amri Abdullah dari JAKIM, Non-alcoholic beer (such as Barbrican) yang alcohol nya dikatakan disterilkan, masih lagi haram kerana cara pembuatannya


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