Monday, January 31, 2011

im enjoying every bits of my life

There will be ups and downs in life, that's for sure. It is somehow spices up our life. We learn things not only in school but education is a life long process. Those experiences that we have been through since kids up until today are priceless. Nothing could be compared and no amount can be paid.

We live our life not only for the sake of ourselves but for others and the rest of living things. Our actions will give impacts for them as well. If we made mistakes, people will blame us but let them know that we live our life by making mistakes so that we can learn to improve to be better man.

We may hate others, blame others but at the same time we may love and care about others. I was angry at this one particular person, but after thoroughly think, argue, debate about it, I believe that there is no point to do so. Why can I just forgive and forget. People make mistakes. That person may not have the intention to do this or that, or maybe it is in his or her blood. Maybe I am the one who is over sensitive, so why bother to put my heart in pain. Thus, I have decided, to ask for apology and to lead my life happily. I do not want to think about works, office or assignments yet. But I am trying to relate those works, office and assignments with stress-free condition, please help me beautiful peoplleeee!!!!

No pain, No gain!

p.s: I still have to work until Wednesday. No cuti-cuti for me...uhuks!

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