Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Self Reward.

Believe me if you love yourself please and please give reward. It is called as self reward. It will help you to perform better the next time around. The case is if you are forcing yourself too much in order to perform or completing a task. Self reward can be divided into two types. The first type is verbal reward. This type of reward need no money to spend on. What you have to do is just a little pat on your shoulder after you have completed your work. Praise yourself as well. For example, when you have finished doing your homework, you can just pat you shoulder and praise yourself "Good Job! or Well Done!".

The other type is concrete reward or I prefer to say it is more materialistic reward. Forgive me for the terms, I have to read more I guess in order to find the correct term. But this kind of reward is more or less you have to use money. As you have put a lot of efforts in completing your given task i.e: assignments, you can motivate yourself to do better next time by taking a break. What I mean by taking a break is you may need to rest for a while before you start doing another work. Maybe you are going to ask me, what's about money that I hav mentioned just now. Okay, money comes in when you are relaxing, for sure you will need it in order to do something else. Oh, by the way TIME IS MONEY! Ahaha. Actually, for me, I like to reward myself by buying something for myself. It will not necessarily to be expensive okay. Chocolate, ice-cream, or magazines are just enough to make me happy. And, I need a proper time-break. That's all.

According to Bob Fancher ( I do not know the year published but here the link, you can read up more) self reward is a powerful tool to motivate us.  Self-rewards have at least three good effects: They relax us, give us confidence, and reinforce our good performance. If you reward yourself for good behavior, you calm down, feel good, and repeat the kind of behavior that earned you the self-reward.

So, please reward yourself by showing some love. Remember to love yourself first before you love others! Have a good day!!!

p.s: there are lots of researches, theories or approaches can be found on self reward. You may google up for those info for your own benefits!!!!

p.s.s: My friend and I ( Puan Napisah Jelita) have submitted our 1st draft of research proposal. Yeay!!! Alhamdulillah. So, we will be patiently waiting for the comments from the lecturer and work on second draft as well as the real paper.

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