Monday, January 17, 2011

Ulat Buku atau Book Worm

To be honest, I have never been an ulat buku. I just enjoy reading but that also imply on certain genre of books. Maybe I can say that I am quite picky. Those days, I could read a lot of novels for instance Malay romance novel as well English novels. Up to this point I have been collecting a few novels be it in Malay or English. I was addicted to comic as well i.e Dragon Ball, Doraemon etc. But now, I am being choosy in selecting my reading materials. I can easily get bored when it comes to cliche story line. I can be very annoyed when it comes to those  fantasy love or cheesy love storyline. There was a time when I want to buy novels but at the end of the day I did not buy any because I found out that the stories are unrealistic as I skimmed and scanned. I have grown up I guess. haha.

But, since forever I have problems to read academic writing. I will always have short attention span and will end up not reading the book entirely. It is either I do not read or I will ask my friends to read for me. Meaning say, I will wait for them to discuss on the topic. Or, if I ever managed to read, not all of the information could be remembered as I am bad in memorizing as well. I think I know the reason of being bad in memorizing is because I am lack of reading, is that true? Maybe I should do a research on that. hehe.

Okay, the point I have been rambling here is just that I am tired of reading. haha. I know I am being exaggerating but I just do not know how did the ulat buku can ever read a lot. Like A LOT! I here pronounced that I am super envy them. And, obviously I adore them. Can I give my standing ovation to those ulat buku out there?

p.s: By the way, I have lots of books, journals and articles to be read. Can you please read for me?? muahahahahahaha


  1. great entry.. i love this.. i nanged and click your ads :-)

  2. thenx!! u are much appreciated =))


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