Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Hey Kacak

I love this song so much. Somehow it reminds me the magic of a smile can do. Smile can change lots of things in lots of ways. By having a nice smile, sincerely of course, it will spread love towards others. And, it will not cost you any cents or harm you at all.

Kacak luar
Kacak dalam
Kacak dengar sini
Kalau saya senyum
Awak mesti senyum sekali
Kalau kita senyum 
Semua orang berjangkit
Bila semua orang senyum
Dunia tiada penyakit

So my dear friend, I am not happy with your current condition. I am praying that you will be back and gain your own self. Don't think too much dear. Ingat, I will always be there for you. Ups and downs. Happy or sad. Anytime and Anywhere.

Senyum okay!

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