Monday, March 14, 2011

"Allah beri kita beluncas untuk kita dapat rama-rama yang cantik"

Haven't posted anything for quite some time. It kills me as I have lotsa things to burst out. Misery. Happiness. Depression. Excitement. Boredom. What else? I have all those complete wholesome! It's life we are talking about where everything is not fair for certain people but fair for others. Again, it's life that worth living!

I think I want to share something here about Tsunami in Japan. Exactly a day before it happened, my friends and I have witnessed one of  the signs of it coming. Honestly if you asked me to think again about the coordinate or location which could not make sense, I do not have the answer. I do not know. Period. But, if you believe in His capability to do anything, kun faya kun, anything could be happened. That day, on the way to Penang which we used the Penang Bridge, we can see something different with the sea. It was not like usual. It was different. The sea water level was very high. There were lots of water waves. And the sky was creepy dark! To add some more, on the way back Kedah, it was raining cats and dogs that we had to drive slowly and carefully. Alhamdulillah we survived!

And, the next day i was shockingly shock to hear the news! MashaAllah, He gives us signs from time to time but we tend to ignore. We always consider it's nothing. But things happen for reasons aite? As for me and my friends, we are very lucky to think again that we are given the opportunities to witness one of the signs. It is very sad to watch the videos/clips about the Tsunami in Japan. Remind me back to those victims in Acheh years ago. Poor them to suffer this! Let's lend our hand by praying for their safety. May Allah bless us all.

On another note, I am very grateful to be given a bundle of lovely friends that I could not asked for more. Each and every of them has their own specialties that makes them so special. I love you all to bits! muah muah! But, this time I want to thank my loyal dear  punching bag! Thank you for always being there for me. Thank you for not letting me go.Thank you for believe in me. Thank you for listening to me. Thank you for talking to me. Thank you for lending me your hands. Thank you for being the best best friend. Thank you for the love. Thank you for the comfort words. Thank you for the support. Thank you for having such an annoying friend like me. Thank you for your willingness to be troubled by me, always! Thank you for everything! I have nothing to offer in return except that I will always pray for your happiness, success and safety. May Allah bless you my dear. I  love you so much that I do not know what to do if you are not around.  You must be shocked to hear me crying my heart out, sorry! Sorry! I was at my weakest point. But, insyaAllah I will get back on track soon. Believe me!

For the rest of the loveliest friends, worry not! My love towards you have not leveled down even a bit. I still love you more and more. May Allah bless us all. I am lucky to have each of you in my life. Alhamdulillah!

p.s. I will post lost of things that wandering in my mind later. Please bear with me.muahaha!

p.p.s. "Banyak nangis ni nanti mata bengkak nak jumpa students esok macam mane" (Punching Bag, 2011).   Thank you for the concern. You made me laugh!

p.p.p.s. Punching Bag, it will be just another two years to complete things that I have started. Later on, I can go there to be near with you as you wish. BUT then, at that time, you could have been away from me to start your new life. It's okay my dear, it's life we are talking about. The life worth living for! =)

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