Friday, February 18, 2011


Quoted and paraphrased from an Ustazah which happen to be one of the colleagues.

"It is not easy to find good man these days. If he shows good attitude and if he is being nice and good to you all these while, why would you give up. Spare a little time more. Be patient. Solat. Pray and ask for guidance. Pray. Pray. And pray. It is just about time. Maybe he is searching and questioning about the same thing about you as well. Believe in Allah. If he is meant for you, he will be yours. Sabar sikit ye."

Huhu. it touches my heart. When I almost giving up, when I almost at the edge of losing my hope, when I almost stop believing, someone says such good words. At least it makes me to stay put. At least I know that it is nothing wrong to dream and hope for the best. And, at least I know that there are people who believe in me, who believe in fate. Thank You!


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