Saturday, February 19, 2011

My best friend's wedding

I just watched this movie on TV3. It was hilarious and touched me here and there. I was like in the storyline where I can feel it despite the evilness part, obviously. hehe. Somehow, I keep on asking myself am I able to be that way or am I going to be the devil wears prada?? And, of course I want everything would be just nice and stay the same despite of any changes or anything that could be happened. Huhu.

p.s: I thank Allah for giving me the best people to live with and to endure the pain, challenges, upside down and happiness.


  1. it was on tv2 my dear. i watched it too yesterday. hehe. really like the movie and really really like the part where george sings i say a little pray for u. never fails to make me smile. hehe. sweet. emm.. nice story to ponder upon my dear friend. love u always.

    ur friend, hani

  2. hehe..tb2 eh? adeh silap info la pulak..huhu..i am wondering which side should i be if i were in that situation? haha


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