Sunday, May 8, 2011

lesson learnt

It makes me think, hardly and deeply and thoroughly. And the thought makes me learn something that I just could not care before. I learnt that I should not depending on others anymore. I have to be such an independent woman. Even though all these while I thought that I am independent enough but boy I was wrong! There are certain points in my life that I have been relying on others so much. So, this is the time I need to wake up and stand on my own feet! Now, I know that when you put your belief and trust and love and hope wholeheartedly, it will just make your heart cut into pieces. The condition which hardly cured in a short while. I believe that I have only myself to love and trust and hope besides Him and family, obviously. Because I know that I have nobody other than the Merciful and my beloved family!

p.s: Oh! I am looking forward and very excited to be home. Ipoh, please be nice to me and wait for my homecoming!!!

p.s.s: Happy Mother's Day to my beloved Emak, aunties and all mothers out there. It would be good if Opah is still around. May you rest in peace!

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  1. I have exactly the same mind set as you Hanna. But our situation is different, you are an independent person but I'm still a child. May Allah bless you and me in becoming an independent woman.InsyaAllah :)

    miss you babe! <3


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