Friday, August 19, 2011

Jangan Lupa Namaku - Pompa Bensin

Yes! Finally the song is out. I have been waiting for this song since the earliest episodes of Ramadan Terakhir. The drama has been on air July, 26th  2011. It is on TV3. I think this drama has its own values that attract viewers like me. I will wait exactly in front of the tv every 10.30 pm every Tuesday-Thursday night. Even if I have classes or anything need to be done during the night, I will make sure not to miss the episode. There was one time I cried and missed all the closest people in my life during watching one of the episodes. It touched the bottom of my heart. Credit should also be given for the OST of this drama by Pompa Bensin. It is marvelous! The song really suits the story line.

Something about the group:

Pompa Bensin is a special project band formed in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 2009. The group consists of AzmaAiza Y (vocals) and AG (bass, guitar, keyboards & percussion), Andra Ahmad (Vocals & guitar) and Aidan Alicia (vocals). All four members are involved in songwriting and production.

Taken from their fanpage!

Okay. Enjoy the song!

here's the lyric.

Lirik Lagu Jangan Lupa Namaku - Pompa Bensin
Walau aku tidak bersamamu
Jangan engkau lupakan diriku
Walau aku tiada di sisimu
Jangan engkau lupakan namaku

Aku mengingati mu
Aku mencintaimu

Andai aku
Bisa bertemumu
Dengan senyum ku tadah syukurku
Andai aku bisa menyentuhmu
Air mata pasti deras gugur

Aku merindui mu
Kerana aku sentiasa
Menyintaimu oh sepenuh hati

Walau kamu
Jauh di mataku
Jangan aku hilang dalam kalbu
Saat kamu samar mengingati
Jangan aku terus kau lupakan

Kerana aku
Sentiasa mengingatimu
Kerana aku
Sentiasa menyayangimu oh sepenuh hati

Andai aku bisa memelukmu
Pasrah aku tabah diujimu
Andai aku bisa dicintai
Dengan rela menyerahkan hati

Aku merindui mu
Kerana aku sentiasa menyintaimu


  1. best lah lagu nie.thanks for the info, :)

  2. wowwweeee inilah lagu yg u tweet i hehehh =p


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