Saturday, September 17, 2011


To start my day, I am at the office right now. What a great start kan? Well I have to paste up students' marks so that they are able to know their level and to prepare for the final examination.

While waiting in the room if the students come and want to see me for clarifications, I go through my students' fb. To my surprise, some of them are in love. They are classmates and I did not notice their lovey dovey mushiness in the class before. ugh!

I  just don't know but I feel GELI2 when I read their status and especially when they are commenting each other.  I will always think that they are too young to be involved where they should focus more on their study especially for my subject!! But then, I also believe that I am nobody to judge or criticise so I hope they will find their happiness and success in life. Because for me, to be in love is for once and for all.

Have a nice day!

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