Sunday, October 16, 2011

What's worth it.. Laid back weekend and Real Steel..


See, I have been telling you guys that I am suffering from severe stress at the moment. I have been working and using a whole lot of my energy for the past few weeks non-stop. I slept late at nights thus it makes my body aches particularly in each part.

Since I am working in Kedah which its weekend falls on Friday and Saturday, I have spent a pretty good time for myself for the past two days. ALONE. hehe.. My body refused to do anySINGLEthing the whole weekend that I just can laid down and watch TV programmes the whole Friday. I was very lazy to go out. Thus I cooked a very simple dish for my lunch and dinner. I feel healthy!.haha

This is for my lunch. Orange Juice, Chicken-Mushroom Soup, Wholemeal Bread and Chicken Nuggets.

As for dinner, I had Chicken Porridge and Orange Juice

I was thinking to continue my work on Saturday evening since I have a ceremony for postgrad students to be attended in the morning. But then I just do not know what happened to me that suddenly my feet dragged to the Sunway Carnival. Weehooo! Finally I stepped my foot there and having my long-lost chicken soy sauce springy noodle from Noddle Station. I miss yuhhh nudel!!!

By the way, this picture was taken long long loooonnnggg time ago at Noodle Station SACC Mall, the place where my beloved sister, Mya Akmal, and I love to 'lepaks'.

Blame me, I know because supposedly I have to heading back home, unfortunately I spent (a lot of) time there. I decided to watch a movie which I long to watch. It's Real Steel. Big Applause pleaseee!!!! The movie is about robots boxing. The robots box instead of human as boxing has gone high tech. It has been a phenomenon to watch them box and cheer them up for more aggressive and destructive fights! I love this movie and I do not care if there are lots of bad reviews about this movie. As for me, it was very entertaining yet emotionally touched. It was good to see how the long lost father-son relationship develops. Family relationship is wonderful and the love is priceless. I almost shed a tear or did I? hehe.. Please go and watch then you can review or critic or what so ever. Sorry if it is not your cup of tea. =)


Okay, so now I have to be responsible for all the things I have done and the pleasure I have been enjoying. I have to really work my lazy ass off for another couple of weeks. Lots of works/assignments/presentations/papers/events/loves to attend to..huhuhu..pray hard for myself. May Allah bless us all. Have a nice Sunday everyone!!!

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