Monday, February 20, 2012


 I was like do not know what to do or how to react with this kind of situation. It was all unexpected situation when one of your students asked you to be the witness for his so called apologizing moment. Which honestly I do not think it was one. The student texted you earlier to ask you to call him at the end of the class. When I asked what's the matter, he said sokay miss, you'll know later.

Okay I gave him the opportunity but I think he made a bad move. A very bad move. I think he should calm down first to figure out about everything.

Dear, if many people against many people we might say either of them are wrong. But dear, if only one person against all, I mean the whole class, I think it must be something is not right with you. Maybe not you as a whole, maybe your attitude. 

1. I did not expect this to be happened at all. Kiddos!

2. When you ask for apologize, please do not be mean. You want them to be matured but you are not.

3. You ask them for forgiveness but once you have said it all, you just get out without turning back or even a   glimpse.

4. It shows your immaturity man! Do you really want to ask for apologize or just for the sake of I-do-not-know?

p.s. Why don't we ask for forgiveness when we are ready or when we have slept over it? So that it will solely come from you without any interference or even being pressure to do so okay dear.

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