Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Adik Kudik.

Spent 3 days 2 nights (without the mother) with this bebiboi memang TAK AKAN pernah cukup. Sudah semakin bijak. Banyak keletah. Sangat manja. Sangat lovely and surely a very charming sweetheart. And, a fanatic fan of API (train) and just develop his interest on ships.

He knows how to show his love and make people fall for him. In fact, he is very good at it. Kalau dia buat something yang dia rasa salah or kalau kita sedih, surely he will come and hug and kiss us to make it up. Ciuman yang sangat menyentuh hati siap dengan bunyi kiss dia. hehe. Such a heartthrob!!!

Nak jaga pun, sangat lah senang. He is a very easy baby since he was small little baby. Alhamdulillah. Dia macam tau je apa yang berlaku sekeliling dia, so dia tak banyak kerenah. Me and my sister pernah bawak adik kudik jalan-jalan sejauh ke Kedah without the parents. Sangat-sangat senang jaga. macam baru-baru ni, my maksu (the mother) ada kursus, the father kerja, the rest siblings ada kem, school etc, so my sister and I took care for him. Bawak jalan-jalan, bawak pergi main, makan-makan, tidur sama-sama dan tak akan pernah rasa cukup dan puas.

Rindu. Whenever we are going out, he will always ask for my car key, he will open it for us. Because he likes the car alarm and the lamp I guess. Then he will keep the key in his pocket like the car is his. He loves to find our hands and hold to it whenever we are walking. He hugs us tenderly.

It just that recently he is getting more sensitive. When we said, we want to leave or going out without him (jokingly) he will start to tremble. Those days, he was still able to laugh at the jokes. I was like clueless. My sister too. But yesterday, while looking at his photos, something came across my mind. He is still in his mourning phase. His babysitter (Mak Esah) which is called by the name 'Emak' has just passed away. Though they are just kids (kudik and siblings) but they were very close. I think the kids spent most of their time with Allahyarmah Mak Esah compared to my maksu, their Ummi. I believe he don't know how to talk about it but somehow kids behavior and expression deliver their emotional stage.

Maybe he is afraid of being left, again. And it strikes deep in my heart. I really hope and wish to spend more and more time with him. He is in his developing phase and it is very fast. Sometimes I am afraid that he could not remember me and my sister soon as he grows up. huhuh.

Okay, I am being too emotional I think. hehe. The point is I miss him lots and lots. Really want to hug and kiss him again. Adik kudik, I love you. We love you. Please be good and stay as charming as you are now. May Allah bless you and the whole family.

Ada jodoh, kita ketemu lagi okay! And we promised to bring you naik Api again.

p.s. nanti nak upload lagi banyak pictures of him. xoxo.

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