Monday, April 9, 2012

What's your own price?

Something came across my  mind last night while I had a chit chat with my sister. We were very tired and left with so many things to do - to unpack, to get ready for work, etc. By the way, we have just arrived home at 12.30 midnight after 2 days of holidays. It was not a getaway or road trip or anything but it was more on family gathering.

We were sending off my cousin bro for his engagement. So there were more or less 10 cars altogether. We were from Bote to Alor Star. Since it was like convoy, we took longer time for the journey and we were late. Let's not talk bout it. Anyway, we stayed there for one night. The cousin bro booked 2 big houses consist of 5 rooms each. We had a very beautiful weekend and bonding session. hehe.

We went to Pekan Rabu and Bukit Kayu Hitam. The Mak Bondas shopped till their last drop. The Kiddos were having fun. The Jejakas and Anak Daras were having our utmost fun as well. Seriously it was fun (put aside all the negative elements).

Well, I bought chocolates for The Jejakas, The Kiddos, My Sister etc. I bought keychains for my mum, for my sister and for one of The Kiddos. Even I bought for my colleagues  as well. I thought, I THOUGHT, I have bought something for myself but it appeared none! I bought nothing  for me but for other people. And the worst part, I just realized about it after I got home.

That's the thing. I said to my sister "I think I have to learn to love myself first before others".

And, she asnwered "Now you know!"


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