Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Setitis Darah Menyelamatkan Nyawa

Yeayyy! It's time for blood donation again! This is my thing that I enjoy doing it regularly. But it can only be done every 3 months to make sure we have enough for our own body system. So this time will be my 2nd donation of 2012 and hopefully another 2 to come.

Let's donate your blood. Believe me, it won't cause you too much pain. Jom ambil beg kunci kereta dan lekas-lekas ke hospital berdekatan untuk derma darah. In my case, the nurses will come to m y workplace few times in a year. Untunglahhh kan!!!

Serius tak rugi derma, siap dapat all the gifts above and certificate for you as a prove. Boleh lah canang satu kampung sebab ada bukti pergi derma darah kannnn..hehe..

Okay that's it. I need to rest and tak boleh angkat barang berat for 5 hours. ( Eh! Eh! boleh buat alasan malas kerja ni. haha)

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