Thursday, March 28, 2013

Random Kindness

I did a quick reading on this as a good friend of mine asked me for some helps. And, this is what I have found, one of many wonderful stories. I feel like really want to share this one with all of us.

Have you watched Pay it forward? I love that movie indeed. But I love the concept more. It is very frustrating when most of us are losing this kind of attitude, me too. We tend to wait and receive rather than giving and spreading love and kindness.

We argue, question and even get mad over something without considering the other side of story. It will always be two sides of the coin. Maybe you have just tossed the wrong side, be it the head or the tail. Why not we take a bit of our precious time to toss it again?

Getting mad is just a waste of energy. Let's try to use that energy for positive things. Don't jump into conclusion just yet. Listen. Visualize. Feel. Love.

The beautiful of random kindness.

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