Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Gayung Emas


Ha! Selalu kita dengar payung emas kan, epppp sensitif tu. Maka harini kita tak nak cerita pasal payung emas tapi nak cerita gayung emas pulak. Gayung ni kalau orang Perak panggil CEBOK/CEBUK. Yang kita guna untuk mandi tu.

 Have you ever been described as something else? Or being identified by colours? It is not about the skin colours or any colours that represent your political party. But, something/colours that people will imagine or relate it with you?

Interesting aite?

I have friends who are very unique I guess. One of them told me that I represent as 'cebok' and another one told me that I am gold. Seriously I don't have any idea about it. Thus, to make sense of those two, I myself combine both and tadaaaaa the 'Gayung Emas'.

I don't know the connotation(s) of those two. I have asked them but they seem to not able to explain the exact meaning behind it. I am still questioning myself and searching for the answer.

Harap-harap maksud gayung emas tu yang baik-baik je  la. ehehe. Oh!!! baru teringat yang Gold tu katanya macam 'warm'. emmm. Macam mana tu???

Ini lah dia yang dipanggil sebagai cebok/gayung.

Ini pulak emas.

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