Friday, October 28, 2016

Paper Cranes

When I was in my primary years, my best friend asked me a question that I can still remember up until now. We were at the back alley of the class, facing the skies. She asked me,

"If you were to be an animal, what would you want to be?"

I answered without hesitation

"I want to be a bird so that I can fly high in the skies. Free from anything."

To which she said this 

"But you know, if you were to be a bird, you will be shot dead."

And, there goes my dream to be a bird. Kids can be very critical at times as how they hold their honesty. They see things from different perspectives, those angles that we have left it somewhere while we are busy growing up. We lost the child in us.

Apparently throughout the process of growing up, we have been compromising our beliefs to most of the things that we tend to lose ourselves. Succumbing ourselves to people's wishes and orders. Believing others are superior and we are powerless. Being timid as we are afraid to open up and speak up. Being the Yes-Man who agrees to those narrowed minded people who are forcing us to think out of the box; but keep and lock us inside the box, nowhere to go.

Then we realize that life is unfair and growing up is challenging. It is full of surprises which consist of a series of audacious decision makings as we could not foresee our future. The only choice we have is to just live life to the fullest with the hope that we would not turn back and regret later.

*On the other note, it is so ironic the fact that I love birds because they can fly freely, yet I keep them in the jar instead.

**Let me keep you here, safe and protected. Grounded.

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