Wednesday, November 2, 2016


Nothing lasts forever. Be it in term of living things or non-living things. And I think that everything here would also include feelings and relationship. We have to bear in mind that we are all imperfect. We have flaws. We are lack in term of so many ways.

So don't worry my dear; because it is okay to lose and be lost.

Sometimes we need no reason to be parting ways. If you were to be asked of the reason being separated, the only answer that you may tell them is 'Just Because'. You do not have to have lengthy explanation or valid justification when the only thing would matter is you, yourself.

I read this somewhere "No matter how good you are, you can always be replaced."

True enough. But, let's see it from different perspective because people might see you as being too much of yourself if you think you are good enough for others. For me, it does not matter whether you are good enough or not, once the purpose is no longer valid, you are not needed anymore. So you might just go rather than you linger around hoping for miracle to happen. Because when you put expectations, or have high hopes that it would be like usual, it just wont be that way. It hurts you deeply to the core.

It takes time to heal. As cliche as it can be. You might be hurt. You might be broken into zillion pieces. You might lost yourself. But, sooner or later you will stand up feeling better, even if it is not like before, but you may be recovering bit by bit.

Just because.

Let go. Let god.

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