Thursday, December 9, 2010

Early Marriage

What is wrong with getting married at early age? Why we put blames on them. They are just doing the right thing and not to mention they are just performing one of the fardhu. Indeed, they are not hurting others at all. If you do not like it, just keep that in your mind. You do not have to shout, to condemn and yell to the world out there. Unless, they are getting married by being forced from another party. Or they have produce babies out of wedlock. Or they have been under conspirational agents that sell chicks. Or maybe they do not agree to get married at all. Perhaps, in those cases, you can fight for them. Yes, you are most welcome to do so.

But, right now and right here. You are talking about to find solutions for pre-marital sex. You want to curb free sex. You want to reduce the numbers of baby dumping. You want to fight abortion. You want the teenagers are free from all those social problems.

And, you oppose the idea of getting married early which it is one of the many solutions we have to overcome those problems. It may not be the best solution but it is indeed a good one. Please walk the talk.


  1. remind me of our discussion yesterday. :) couldnt agree more with ur points.. two points? oh u have many i should say.. :D

  2. hahaha..yes many pointssss!!! haha

  3. yes agree! please please pray for me! - hani


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