Friday, December 10, 2010

Hanna The Gorgeous Plumber- How to fix leaking tap

I think I am going to be a gorgeous, beautiful and wonderful plumber. A successful one. So, if you have problems in repairing you water tab, you can just call me. ahaha. Fine, the fact is I have successfully repaired my water tap. And, this is the first attempt. Alhamdulillah. It had been leaking for a week. I had nearly give up. I tried tighten the tap slowly. Put extra effort in it to make sure the water can stop from leaking. But, it was meaningless. It had been getting worse day by day. And, I know that I have to pay extra amount for the water bill this month. uh!

I have no one to ask for help. Because I do not know how and where to find. huhu. Thus, today as I went to Napisah Jelita's house for lunch, I asked her if she has an adjustable spanner. Luckily her husband has one and without further due I asked her to lend me the spanner. Later, I went to the hardware shop and bought a new tap. It costs me RM 9.50.

Later, as I reached home, I quickly turned off my water supply. In my case, I did not able to find the stopcock inside the house thus I had to turn off the main water supply near the water meter. Then I went to the bathroom and start fixing it.

Firstly, you have to check that the water is off.

Then, use your adjustable spanner to undo the tap counter clockwise. It may be difficult to undo the tap based on how long it has been used. You have to be very careful while doing it. Do not hurt yourself and break the valve.

After that, when you have finished undoing the tap, take it out. Some water may come out but that should be all. Do not be panicked.

Take the new tap. Make sure it is the same size and can be fitted . Then you  need to reassemble the tap correctly. This time around, you need to do it clockwise. Tighten the tap slowly.

Once the tap is tight and at the right position, turn on the water supply. Check if the water is still leaking and if it is not, then you have successfully fixed it.

Congratulations and you just saved up your money to be spent on water bill. Yeaaahh!

note: Images are taken from Mr. Google. Thank you!




    hehe tahni'ah hanna
    ko memang handle ops i mean handal..

  2. cik puan bukan artis, ejaan ada mampu meninggalkan banyak tanda tanya.

    begitu ambiguous, hahaha..

    nway, thank you. i am handel basikal..ahaha

  3. mmg super woman giler! hahahahahah. - hani

  4. cik hani, agak skeri la kan, superwoman yang giler...hahah..

  5. Amazing how simple it can be to communicate with people and have them understand a certain topic, you made my day.

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