Saturday, December 11, 2010

To satisfy your hunger

I am home alone and I am hunggereyyyyy!!! I feel like eating all the good food that we have in the universe (exaggerating is my middle name. hehe.)  I am pretty sure if I had the chance to grab anything, the first thing I want to grab is food, at the moment. walaweeehhh~

All I have in my mind is merely food and food and food. Case in point is fasssttttt foood. Why fast food? Well, because I am super hungry,thus it makes fast food is the best choice.

If only, I can have all these.....

Chicken McDeluxe 

Dominos' Pizzas

Pizza Hut's Creamy Carbonara 

A&W Float Rootbeer 

KFC Spicy Snake  Snack Plate

Yummmmeeeehhhhhhh!!!!! I am salivating at the moment. Luckily no one can see me. hehe. I can only see the photos and imagining that the food is in my mouth. Owh, it tastes heavenly superb. Whereas in real life, I could not afford to have all the food shown. Please don't ask me why. Please. Please. Wait, for a second thought. em. No, I think I want to tell you the reasons.

REASON NUMERO UNO: My home is far away from town. It takes approximately 20 minutes if you are driving 100mph. And, there is no delivery thingy here. Pfft!

REASON NUMERO DEUX: My monthly payment is not in yet. Indeed, they have not process it yet. Uh! How cruel the system is, treating us like we have no life to worry about. We are talking about my tummy hellloooo!

Okay, enough of complaining and stuffs. So, if you are salivating with me as well, let's go to the official webpage for those food k. In today's world, everything is just a click away. Some of them you can order just from home, either by using phone calls or online. It is ssoo easy right. Here's the link. All the best!!!

KFC Malaysia.
You can have them to cater food for your event. Whoa!

Pizza Hut Malaysia.
You can choose to dine in, home delivery or even online ordering. Woot! Woot!

Dominos Malaysia.
Lotsa promotions there, do not hesitate to visit the webpage y'all!

McDonalds Malaysia
They have nutritions information and fitness fun with Ronald McDonald. 

A&W Malaysia
Walaweh~ They have been in Malaysia for 45 years.

Oh! Oh! OH! Please go and pay a visit there. You will not be sorry to do so. Enjoy.

p.s: I only had corn flakes+milk for breakfast and I am thinking of eating noodles a.k.a megi after this.There's nothing to cook. Pity me =(


  1. fast foods are always yummy :)

  2. mya: uish, gelak kejam namenye tu..

    ken: yeszaa! seriouly they are!


    Hanna,I think we are in the same biat right now, i'm craving for fast food too!!!!!

    when I saw the pic. pengsan! haha~

  4. yaya: yes yaya.. it's yummmehhhh! huhu..crazing for those foods =)

  5. kruekk kruekkk kruekkk bunyi perot.HAHAHA XD

  6. nur hanisah safian: tu la pasal, dah xtahan sangat td, pg jugak la keluar tapau food. hujan the whole day, jd sangat malas mahu keluar..huhu

  7. Whoa. Some food collection there. :D


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