Sunday, February 20, 2011

i love my kids

Sometimes I will be surprised how cheeky the kids could be and at the other times I will be touched on how wonderful the kids are. There are times I have to shout out loud so that they can listen and pay attention which leads me to get sore throat or suffer from a fever. But, there are times where the students are all being nice, listen and participate in the activities. They are wonderful in their own ways as we cannot expect them to be all good all the times. For sure they are also facing with their own issues which will become one of the contributing factors to their behaviours. As for me, I will always bear in mind that they are just kids. And, they will always be kids.

Yeah, I will be lying if I said I do not get mad at them. Sometimes I feel like giving up, frustrated, tired, mad, bored, burdened, distracted, inferior and the list goes on. Seriously they are energy sucker. They are able to drain you out. But I guess, over time and as time passing by, you will get into the situation. You are able to be on track. You have to bear in  mind that the kids need you though they behave like they know every single thing in this world or maybe they seem to know and do not need to have guidance anymore. No, they are NOT! Indeed, they need you to show them the right path, to lead them in searching their soul, to facilitate them in molding their life and to love them the way they deserved to get.

I am no one. I am not good either. I have so little experiences  to compare with other seniors. But, I do enjoy doing this and that. Experiment this and that. Try this and that. The kids may not like me. They may hate me. They may compare me with others. They may evaluate me and perceive me negatively. But, I do not mind as I am in the process of learning and learning should be fun as well as life-long process. I will always seek for guidance and chanting this phrase so that I will not give up - I Love the Kids!!!

Here is one of the reasons why I love them:

There are many good things that I have learnt in the course. Especially on motivational sides as Miss Hanna always motivate us to be a good student, person and human beings. The way she taught us has made us inspired to go to the highest limit to reach for success. Definitely my listening, reading, writing and reading skills have improved. Through this course, I am getting more confident with myself. I can listen in the right way, read, and understand things easily, write confidently  and my skills are getting better. My grammar also increasing to reach the good standard. Thanks to this course. The most difficult component in the course is grammar. But I can overcome it with more practices provided. All in all I love this course and I hope the lecturer can be as good as my lecturer, Miss Hanna. 
 (extracted exactly from the kid's reflections)

So now, please tell me why would I not love them. They are just adorable and sweet. I am touched! Thank you my dear. You have just made my day. Lots of love.


beautiful mind + beautiful soul = beautiful you

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