Monday, February 21, 2011

It will never be too late

Sometimes there are things better left unsaid or undone as most of us rather think that it is not important to bother at all. But, have you ever thought that that thing should be best said or done despite of its drawbacks. How would you know that the thing you have been keeping all these while will give some big impacts on others' life? Even if it is only one tiny little thing but it maybe one big important thing to others.

Most of us take things for granted. I am one of them. I tend to forget small things or for me I think it is not important to look at. But, due to that attitude, I lost many many good things before. I have lost people, materials, memories and what not. And, today as I turn back and look for it, I now realize that it is no use at all as those things are not here anymore. I might cry my heart out, I might shout the whole universe, I might search high and low but for sure I will not able to find all those things back. There are gone!

You may find new people. You may find new materials. You may find new memories. And, you may find new interest but I bet it would not be the same to compare with previous one. The taste, the smell and the shape will be totally different. Nevertheless, despite of the differences, please appreciate it. Please be more responsible. Please take care of it and do not let it go just like what you have done before. Or else, you will regret it later, again and again.

Don't give up on God because He won't give up on you. So, please don't give up!

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