Thursday, July 28, 2011

Digging Up

At the moment, I am doing a big project of my own. Something that I have been dreaming for quite some time. I am very eager to finish what I have started. It is like a power that force me to work out that thing. However, in order to complete it, I have to dig out my past which I just realized that it is not easy. I have to be able to recall everything that has happened to me before.

There are times I even get too much into the character or the history that makes me feel nervous. It feels like yesterday that all of it happened. Indeed, because of getting too much of my past, I even dreamt about someone that I wish to forget. That person is looking after me and trying to change the history. The dream was so real that  I woke with fear and my heart beats real fast.

Anyway, despite of that fact, I am happy and excited to continue my project. May Allah bless. 

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  1. all d besh wishes from kakakmu yang comel ^-^


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