Thursday, May 10, 2012

Shit Happens

Sometimes shit happens. Especially when we expect the least. Today, I was almost got into an incident that may take my life to the other side of the world. I may not be able to be who I am now and who I want to be later.

Some people will say it is not that big deal. But, it is for me. I was traumatized for a while that took my breath away. Luckily there were Kak Ima and Kak Afni as my saviour. Thank you Allah. Thank you guys!

Let me share with you of what had happened to me. huhu

This was taken in the car while waiting for Kak Ima and Kak Afni. 
Patiently waiting with happy face. 

Decided to go a bit farther for breakfast after I got the news that Kak Afni will not be working anymore (soon).Thus, we wanted to make it a bit nostalgic. The pic was taken right before the incident. Snapped and edited  by Kak Ima's Samsung Note. Kbai!

The incident happened when we wanted to print it out. I got stucked in an escalator. I mean my kain baju kurung. We were very panicked. Kak Afni helped me in balancing my own body from falling on the floor. Kak Ima helped to pull out the kain from the moving escalator. I can say it was very near to my leg. There were a number of people around but nobody offered their help. When everything was okay, I was too ashamed that I asked them to find me a skirt to replace the torn kain baju kurung. 

Post incident. Instead of buying a skirt, I opted to buy new baju kurung as the price is only RM45. Frankly, I was a bit traumatized after that. In order to go to the car park, we need to use another escalator. This time around, I was being extra careful with my kain baju kurung. Glad nothing happened for the second time. 

So, moral of the story, please please please be extra careful with everySINGLEthing. And, people will only look until it getting worse I guess - the bystander effect works! And, I only wore that baju kurung only a few times now I can't wear it anymore. Sobsss!

Thank you Allah. Thank you Kak Ima and Kak Afni.

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