Friday, September 14, 2012

Will and Kate - The Royal Visit

It's the Royal Visit!!!

And everybody is talking about Will and Kate the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Okay over sangat exaggerating. Not everybody but most of us are talking about their visit. Well it is a part of their royal tour of Southeast Asia. Malaysia is the second country after Singapore. They will be here for three days from 13th of September until 16th of September 2012.

Thanks to NTV7 for the pic.

Kate is so gorgeous and beautiful. She resembles Will's late mother, Diana. The way she deals with people, might be just what Diana did during her days. And, Kate's beautiful smile also said resembles the Diana's smile.

On the other note, there's also rumors that Kate is pregnant as they have been married for one and half years. But, to think of it, if it is true that she is pregnant she must be very strong, powerful one of a kind woman. As she could stand to be on a very long official tour.

p.s. Tetibe je switch language bila bercerita tentang Will dan Kate. Over tau!!!


  1. I couldn't stop blinking my eyes when watching them.
    Tapi ada jugak yang kutuk2 royal visit ni..haishh semua benda tak betul

  2. Norina: Kate tu cantik kan!!! Ramai yang kate tu ada ciri-ciri Late Lady Diana dulu.

    Eh ada yang kutuk-kutuk ye? Huhuhu


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