Wednesday, June 22, 2016


Perception is something unique. As we are all different from one another, our perceptions are similarly different for everyone. It is based on how we view our world. Sometimes, the way we perceive things determine on how we tackle our situation. For example, when there are two people in a similar situation, both of them might tackle the situation differently. Their schemata, values or even experience will influence their choices in dealing with it.

For some, one particular thing might look easy or common sense but, some others, it might be the hardest issue they need to face with. It is unfair to generalize all to have the same thought as ours. It is because we do not have the same capability to begin with. In my case for example, I value my family just like how other people value theirs. For me, my family includes the extended ones. It does not revolve around my nuclear family only. I would do extra miles for the rest of my family members just the way I would treat my own family. However, for some, they value family as only their nuclear family. And I can assure that nothing is wrong with it. It is because we are still focusing on the same basic which is family. It is just that my view on it is quite bigger compared to the others. Yet, I definitely cannot impose the values that I hold to the others because its their own choice.

As I said to my dear friend that we cannot read minds and we perceive things differently. These two combo surely affect our daily life in so many ways. You know when there is misunderstanding, mostly it is because of perception. One party will think that the other side is wrong, the other party will think the same as well. This might lead to bigger issue if none of them took the effort to settle the issue. I had experienced this situation with my own best friend. For me, she was being too dramatic and selfish. And, from her side, she thought that I have changed and started to leave her. So both of us perceived things differently and emotionally.We were avoiding each other to the extent it affected the precious years of friendship. Lucky us, that another best friend came and advised us to talk it out. So we met and confronted the issue just to realize that it was just a mere misunderstanding. So, the case solved. Alhamdulillah. But there are unsolved cases definitely. These kind of cases might involve deeper issue, trust or feelings. It takes times to settle it. And I believe that time heals all wound. So just be patience and have faith. hehe.

Back to perceptions. I always think that it is interesting on how people view things. One particular thing might have 100 perceptions from 100 different individuals. And it is fascinating to look at how people approach things based on their perceptions. I like it and as I am in the process of learning life lessons from someone, I do think that dissimilarity makes us unique entities. It colours our life or else we are going to have a mundane type of life. And again, I like it that I have a sparring partner to talk about these deep issues and conversations. Though I have to be extra careful as the sparring partner is definitely an intelligent person that I normally lost words and thoughts. haha.

Till then.

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