Wednesday, September 14, 2016


Frankly, I still can't get over with the act of (too much and too many) "borrowing" or "loan" English words to Bahasa Malaysia. We've been doing it for years but to add more words on the list, we may need to reconsider. e.g. program, konklusi, akomodasi, fasiliti, transaksi, translasi, klien, konsultasi, interviu, konferen dan banyak lagi.

But by borrowing the word "romance" and "sci-fi" and make it Bahasa Malaysia would inspire young people to normalize the act. Be creative. Yes, please be creative. Be artsy fartsy. Please do so. But, there are things you need to think thoroughly.

"Romen" and "Saifai" are amongst the example of the new age borrowing or loan words. See! It changes the context. "Romen" itself is a loan word and it brings different connotation in the Malay context.

If it is used in promoting books, it would lead to different perceptions or expectations or misconceptions. But who cares right? As long as you can be creative in expressing your feelings, people will idolize you? No!

Aspire to inspire. Publishers and experienced writers/authors/poet/lyricist etc should look into this issue. So that the youngsters will have proper channels to seek for knowledge and be creative in writing their pieces. #bahasajiwabangsa

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