Friday, October 7, 2016

Dear You.

Dear you,

Yesterday I learnt that I have you as my avid reader. Thank you for being here and reading all my rambling pieces and thoughts. Mind you, I have nothing to offer except for me, myself and my thoughts. But please know that knowing you are here surely means a lot to me.

As you can observe, it is all complicated here. Because being me is too complicated hence you can see the thoughts written here are scattered and all over the place. I write what I feel like telling or sharing. It could be about me or it could be from my observation. And it could be about you, like this one particular entry.

So, dear you,

Whatever you read here, please please please read it as a piece of writing or expression. Because what I feel, may not be related to you. Or maybe not even applicable to you. So, let me be (only as) one of your entertainment sources. But, if there are things that could benefit you in any way, please take it with an open heart and open mind. I would be more than happy to help you.

Dear you,

I may not be around, I may hesitate here and there. Or even, I may not be able to meet up your expectations. But I will be here, not going anywhere. You know how to find me, I am sure.

And let's meet up someday insyaAllah.

Yours truly,
The Complicated Me.

p.s. Remember, be strong! Because that is the only option we have. xoxo.


beautiful mind + beautiful soul = beautiful you

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